Parental Honesty

I recently attended the wedding of a cousin that happened to attend and graduate from the current high school where I teacher. That being the case, there was not a shortage of former students and parents of current and former students in attendance. Toward the end of the night I had one short conversation with a parent that quickly put many things back into perspective and reminded me that we tend to forget the most important part of our profession in the search for the latest and greatest.

This parent had five kids attend our school over the past several years. I personally had two of them in class and coached one. She told me how great it was to send her kids to a school with such professional and caring teachers. She said, “that’s really what makes the difference between [your school] and every where else.”

That small dialog reminded me that we can continue to search for the newest technology and study that latest techniques for teaching literacy in math but it all comes down to building positive relationships with kids and teaching them with passion and enthusiasm. I enjoy my job very much and was given a gift to talk to this mother. She has re-energized me to power through the remainder of the school year knowing that my attitude toward my job is making a difference to my students.

– Lance


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