Thoughts on Leadership – Emotional Wake

One of the areas I struggle most with is the emotional aspect to leadership. I am not a very emotional person by nature. My top Gallup strengths are analytical, deliberate, competition, and achiever. I am as far away from emotion on the strengths spectrum as you can get. I’m passionate about my job, I am enthusiastic, but I don’t express personal emotion very well. I am awkward when consoling someone who is grieving and often passive when giving praise. Those whom I know well know this about me and understand. However, those who do not know me well may take it as a sign that I do not care as much as I should, which is not the case at all.

Through our leadership training and my experiences in our district I have come to grow in this area and appreciate the importance of the emotional (or relational) side of leadership. Emotional wake refers to how one’s emotions affect others in the organization. If the leader makes a decision out of anger, responds to a request with disinterest because of their mood, or acts annoyed at every question during a team meeting it affects how the team responds. It creates a culture of uncertainty and unpredictability within the organization if no one knows how decisions are made because they are made based on the mood of the leader on any given day. My advise, be conscious of how your mood as a leader affects your decisions as well as the responsiveness of your team. Reset your emotions at the start of each day or even throughout the day when things happen that alter your emotions in a significant way.

– Lance


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