Google Apps Script

Our school district recently embraced the move to Google Apps for Education (GAFE). The standard training has been rolled out involving Gmail, Drive, and Calendar. I have been profoundly amazed at how long it has taken for many of the staff member to become comfortable with the expansion of technology available to them. After nearly 18 months, many teachers haven’t even opened their Drive and cannot figure out how the make a copy of a shared file rather than asking for permission for access. This is especially frustrating considering I am on the team in charge of training the staff this year. But putting the frustrations aside, I have been able to dive into some of the more intricate ways of using the Google apps for my own class and productivity.

My most recent discovery is using Google Apps Scripts in conjunction with forms and spreadsheets to automate some of the menial tasks and paperwork that takes up so much of our days. Below is a script I wrote recently to create calendar events using data from a spreadsheet. One way to utilize this script is to have students sign-up for times to meet for help or reteaching/retesting either directly on the sheet or through a form. Then a couple of times a week you run the script and it creates the events on your calendar. Keep in mind, I am definitely not a coder and there are probably many ways to improve my script. This is my first one and I am pretty proud of it because it works.

Code for Calendar App